Judgement House is often confused with other similarly named and themed ministries, however there are very distinct differences between a Judgement House presentation and these ministries. The two ministries Judgement House if most often confused with are Hell House, and Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames.

Judgement House and Hell House are only similar in that they are both walk-through dramatic presentations in which a guide helps audience members follow the story or scene being shared. This is the only thing they have in common. The message of a Judgement House presentation is that a person must make a choice about what to do with God's offer of a saving and personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ before their death. The Bible teaches that there are only two choices. One is to accept this gift of salvation and the other is to reject it. Not choosing is the same as rejection and each of those choices has consequences after death. Judgement House shows participants the consequence of choosing to accept the gift of salvation by giving audience members a small glimpse of what awaits them in Heaven as well as experiencing a small part of the eternal separation from God in Hell that is the consequence of rejecting that same gift.

Judgement House does not deal with socially controversial issues and instead chooses to focus the entire presentation and in fact every scene, even Hell, on presenting people with the opportunity to choose a saving and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hell House on the other hand, deals very graphically with highly controversial social issues such as abortion, homosexuality, date rape and suicide. The guides for a Hell House presentation are demons who want to convince the audience that there is a penalty for these sinful social behaviors. Hell House is very controversial, not only to most churches but to the general public as well. Hell House is headed by Keenan Roberts, Pastor of Destiny Church of the Assemblies of God, in Broomfield, CO. (Information about Hell House comes from their website as well as their readily available literature.)

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames© is an on-stage production. A cast of approximately 40 people (volunteers from a local church), act out a series of vignettes about people who live life, make their choices, die and find themselves outside heaven asking the question, "Angel, is my name in your book? "(Rev.20:15) If their name is found in the "Book of Life", a choir of angels sing and the person is welcomed into heaven by a smiling Jesus. However, when the answer is "no"....hell becomes their eternal destiny. This drama is usually presented in a church sanctuary. HGHF is owned by Reality Outreach Ministries, Inc. and local churches pay a fee for a Team Director from Outreach Ministries, Inc. to come and coach and train the cast-members, conduct the practices, set up the sound and lighting, and assign costumes. The Director is also an evangelist who gives an invitation at the conclusion of the presentation. (This information comes from the HGHF website.)Judgement House is a walk-through dramatic presentation that takes place in a series of up to 9 rooms in various settings from stadiums to schoolhouses. Once you become a covenant partner you are licensed to use the script of your choice for one year and may present it as many times in that year as you choose. Your church or organization is responsible for the purchase or renting of your own props, lighting, and sound equipment. This equipment along with the script of your choice can be used year after year to produce Judgement House presentations (if you remain a covenant partner) or for any other purpose you choose.