It's likely that you are here because you have attended a Judgment House presentation. We created this webpage to give you some next steps. Judgement House causes many people to contemplate what happens when we die. Thankfully, God has given us the answers to that question and many others in His Word, the Bible.


Whether you made a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus or you are still contemplating that decision or you just want to grow in your relationship with Him, the Bible is a great source. One of the easiest ways to read the Bible is by using YouVersion Bible app. It allows you to choose the version of the Bible that is easiest for you to understand and you can compare the same verse in different versions. It also offers online Bible studies that can help you in many areas of your life. 


God talks to us though the Bible and we can continue the conversation through prayer. You can tell God exactly how you are feeling. You can ask Him questions. You can share your fears or discouragements. God cares about every aspect of your life.


Meeting with others who are in relationship with Jesus will encourage you and help you grow. Find a church or small group Bible study that teaches the truth about Jesus as the Savior and look for ways to get involved. 

We hope that as you begin to apply these steps in your life, you will find yourself growing closer in relationship with Jesus Christ and begin to share the amazing Truth you have received with others around you.