Bullying is a huge issue that affects the lives of thousands of students. In this story, a young man experiencing a difficult home life and the hurt of being bullied, turns to revenge. He lashes out in the same way we have seen so many others by causing ruin in his life and the lives of many innocent people. See how the decisions made in this life affect what a person experiences for eternity.

  • 59 MINUTES

    24 hours ago, John Cartwright, Jennifer Mackey, Matthew Burke, and Jake Rhoades were all alive. The last thing on their mind was death. Nobody thinks that within the hour they will be standing in front of their Creator. Yesterday, they each had plans, whether good or bad, but now they lay in a morgue. Follow these four individuals into their daily life and witness the tragic and eternal interruption by a sudden heart attack, murder, and justice. What do your next 59 minutes hold?


    It is just a normal day of routine in the lives of four teenage girls. After cheer practice, Kate Davis and her younger sister Becca decide to go to a movie with Wendy and Abby Colson. Little did Abby and Becca know that their worst nightmare was awaiting them in the shadows of the dingy theater parking lot. Kidnappers snatch the girls while killing their friend Justin. Will SWAT arrive in time or will the girl’s lives be lost in the wake of abduction?


    It has been a rough few years in the Jernigan household and the economy has finally taken its toll on Hank. As a jobless father of two and a failing husband, blows from the world soon turn into blows from the father. Mismanaged relationships at home have left the family bruised and in pieces. In the blink of an eye, a car crash takes the lives of their children Samantha and Matt, cutting the family eternally in half. With words and acts of love unexpressed, Hank and June must find a way to move on… a source of peace. Will a letter from their daughter lead them towards their Savior?


    Christmas is a time of celebration within the Church. However, some members of this particular church are not in the Christmas spirit. Alice, Becky, and Clyde are three broken people who are in dire need of Christ’s love and mercy. Alice struggles with the pain of losing her father to cancer. Becky is guilty of self-righteousness. Clyde cannot fathom the idea of God’s grace covering his multitude of sins. Will they acknowledge their brokenness and allow Jesus, the ultimate savior, to fix them before a fatal Christmas day accident? 


    Noah Nelson, an average teenager who enjoys partying and bullying, is changed when he decides to give his life to Christ. Unfortunately, most of the people he surrounds himself with, including his own mother, are not too thrilled with his decision. Despite his friends’ and family’s reactions, Noah trusts in Jesus and constantly stands up for his faith. Three deaths later, the truth is revealed. Can turning your life around radically for Jesus, despite your many past mistakes, earn you the gift of eternity in Heaven? 


    Bud, Natalie, and Chris are typical high school students; Bud being the star athlete, Natalie being the attractive cheerleader, and Chris the student leader of the Youth Group. Bud and Chris try to persuade Natalie to join them for post-game activities. While Natalie likes Bud’s rock-and-roll parties, she chooses to join Chris at the Church Group’s 5th quarter. After too much booze, under-aged and irresponsible Bud decides to jump on his motorcycle and prove to Natalie that she belongs with him. The ensuing drunken car crash leaves three dead, and to everyone’s horror Chris and Natalie never arrive home. At the end of the day, all three made plans, but not to stand before God. Will you be ready when reality and eternity collide?


    Kelly Humphrey is one amazing young man. Being popular within his school, youth group, and peers, he has an incredible influence on those around him. However, after a routine check-up showed unusual masses, the doctor ordered a biopsy. The results were positive… Kelly had cancer and it was aggressive. Undergoing surgeries, Kelly makes the decision to stop treatment. He was going to praise God for the life He gave him and stop worrying. If it was his time, God knew best. The most amazing part of him is that even when cancer was taking his life, Kelly freely gave to all. His hope, faith and spirit helped lead others to Christ, but finally the cancer won the earthly battle. As Kelly went home to be with his Heavenly Father, he learns that Jake, another cancer victim, has also died. What will happen as Kelly and Jake approach the Judgement?


    Hannah Sobeski is in the prime of her high school career. At 17, she has popularity, athleticism, academics and looks. She possesses everything that makes a high school girl a success. However, she does allow herself to be defined by the tangibles. What makes Hannah who she is comes from the solid foundation of her faith in Christ. She is a powerful force for God in every situation, but her life would soon come under attack from an enemy known as cancer. Will she falter? Will her faith be shaken? Can a 17 year old handle this? In the face of death, Hannah makes a shocking proclamation. Could your faith withstand an onslaught?


    Even when we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our possessions we aren’t always successful. Settled in for the night, the Kurtman family’s quiet evening and lives are brought to a screeching halt by a home invader brandishing a gun. An act of heroism against a coward with a firearm results in death for Kurtman Family. Being unjustly murdered seems to be heaven worthy in Mr. Kurtman’s eyes. How will God see it? When will your sense of security be taken? What will it cost you?


    As kids, we all grew playing “army”. This was especially true for Kevin and Cory whose fathers were in the military together. Not only were they soldiers together, but they were best friends much like Kevin and Cory. Coming from this background, it was evident from the beginning what career path these boys would choose. They were like twins. They thought alike, acted alike, and even worshipped alike. Through boot camp, basic training and even the battlefield, these “brothers” stood side by side. It wasn’t until a heroic sacrifice that they were separated. Three of Cory’s comrades died that day, including Kevin. His sacrificial service to his country and Heavenly Father made lasting impressions. Whom do you serve?


    The Brown family is your typical family. They are active in their community and in their church. Mrs. Brown is the women’s ministry coordinator for the upcoming Masquerade party. Mr. Brown is a deacon at the church and a very family oriented dad and husband. Mr Brown has a burden for his co-worker Daren Johnson, who is strongly opposed to anything regarding “church” or “God”. His life has been filled with tragedy and hurt. Until he learns to take off his mask that he has been hiding behind. Through another unexpected tragedy, we will find that in reality…sometimes we all wear mask.


    Ben and Lisa Johnson are two siblings caught in the middle of an ugly divorce. While Ben has relied on his faith in Christ, Lisa has begun to experiment with prescription pills she has stolen from her mother. At the prompting of her friends, Lisa’s partying has gotten way out of control. In an attempt to rescue his sister, Ben reaches out with the Gospel. However, when one of these parties turns lethal from a deadly combination of meds and alcohol, lives are catapulted into eternity. No one ever thinks their life could end by murder, suicide, or an overdose, but the fact is that this is happening every day. Choose this day who you will serve… The Lust of the Flesh or the Lord of the Universe?


    Brett Connors, a father who was never there for his children, is forced to be in a bible study with his friend. He hears about Jesus and instantly because skeptical. While he was at the bible study, his daughter was having similar doubts about Jesus. Realizing he was late to picking her up, Brett speeds and loses control of the car. The car accident was fatal. Did he accept Jesus into his life before it was too late? 


    River Ridge High is in the basketball Championship! Their team is having an extraordinary year led by their star players Robb and Kevin. Much of the praise, however, lies with Coach Wyatt, who has been a constant role model and avenue of support and encouragement for the team. He has poured a little extra into his all-stars this season, as Kevin and Robb seem to be “distracted” by the flirtatious cheerleader Dina. In order to refocus his players, Coach Wyatt challenges them with Scripture and both Kevin and Robb give their life to Christ. Just before tip-off disaster strikes as a tornado touches down and rips the gymnasium apart. Coach Wyatt, Robb, and Dina lose their lives, but find their eternity. Where will disaster leave you? 


    Nobody likes to be picked on, especially Simon, who seems to have been the on the wrong end of jokes his whole life. Toby has been trying to reach out to Simon, inviting him to church, but Simon just can’t let go. One tormenter of Simon’s is Mitch; a partier and narcissistic boyfriend to Alexis. After hiding many dark secrets, Alexis is trying to make right of her past. While secretly carrying a Mitch’s baby, she turns to Toby for Biblical guidance. With a new lease on her spiritual life, she and Toby reach out to Mitch, but is it too late? Simon has emerged with a firearm! At the end of the rampage, all four lay dead on earth and awaken to find their eternal destination. Were they prepared to meet their Creator?


    A condemned local building has become a hot spot for teens, but more so for drugs and alcohol. What started out as a simple choice years earlier, has turned into full fledge additions. What will happen when drugs, alcohol, lies, tempers, and compassion find themselves face to face in the unstable building? No one wishes for their life to be shaken to the core…Where will your faith be when the walls begin to crumble?


    Joe and Sarah Fulbright are your everyday American couple with two All-American kids, Mark and Macy. When stress starts to build at home, the Fulbright’s decide to take a deep woods camping adventure to escape the troubles plaguing them. Little do they know that their disagreements will pale in comparison to the “storm” they are about to face. Shortly after arriving, to the family’s dismay, their “problems” show up just in time to cause yet another unpleasant argument. After a heated dispute, emotional pain succumbs to physical and spiritual terror when a freak thunderstorm hurdles family members into eternity. Witness this family struggle physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they try to weather raging storms. Where will you find “Shelter” when things get rough?


    The Silent Killer when peace and quiet is crushed by reality. On average, 1000 people in the United States die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It binds to blood with 250 times more affinity than Oxygen and therefore, replaces oxygen in the blood resulting in eventual suffocation. It is silent but lethal, and it has just taken the lives of four members in the Wood family. Six Scene Script.


    Michelle is a teen who is constantly crushed by her parents’ expectations of her. Constantly comparing her to her older brother destroys her self-esteem. Michelle is bullied at school and feels like her life is crashing down. Her friend, Emma, is a follower of Jesus and believes he is the solution to Michelle’s problems. Will Michelle realize that we are all Jesus’ treasures? 


    Carol Endicott is super mom! From cooking and cleaning to algebra, she can do it all! The mother of three, Jason, Abby and Lily, has everything but time for God. Why should she? She is a self-made wife and mother. If she wants food, she will make it! After picking up her kids from drama practice, Abby tries to inform her mother her decision to accept Christ, but Carol brushes off the topic and takes the kids to a sidewalk café. Unexpected is tragic word that describes what happens next. Texting and driving has left a family in ruins and the perfect mother without excuse before the throne of God. Just how good is good enough?


    Tired of his dysfunctional family, Alexander Johnson or “AJ” entered into the realm of cyber-stalking. It began with just searching, that lead to interaction, which lead to him creating a false identity in the form of an exchange student named Reynaldo. Little did he know that the young girl he was stalking happened to be with his daughter Trish. A simple internet “crush” led Ericka to her death and Trish with a murderous father. Re-live the tail of this convicted killer on Death Row. Experience what led him into this prison cell. See how he orchestrated the perfect scheme with a computer, the internet, and deadly lust. How will AJ represent himself before the Creator of the World?


    Mr. and Mrs. Taylor are going out of town on business, leaving their two teenage children, Whitney and Darin, home alone. This is prime time partying and Darin knows it, but Whitney is having second thoughts. She recently gave her life to Christ and knows that this is not only irresponsible, but it is sin. Reluctantly, she goes along with the party idea, knowing that she can supervise and take control if needed. With the party raging, Whitney is quickly losing control. Drinking, smoking, and music dominate the house as Whitney leaves to take home a drunken friend. She returns to firefighters and her parents’ home engulfed in flames. Unable to locate Darin, she darts away from firefighters and enters the house. She wakes up in eternity to find out that her brother was also a victim of the house fire, but more importantly, hell’s fire. How will you spend eternity? Smoking or Non- Smoking?


    Russ has a terrible life by most standards. His parents are in prison for drug charges, he has to live with his grandma in a strange town, but on top of that he has no friends. Truthfully, he has no friends, only enemies. They torment him with words and looks, and the sad thing is, these are supposed to be “church kids”. At a camp, which his grandmother made him attend, the youth pastor tries to reach out to Russ and also scolds those who persecute him. Russ begins to come around, but when he learns that his grandma has passed away unexpectedly, he takes in life into his own hands. Everyone who cared about him is dead or locked up, so why should he keep on living? After an overdose of pills, he finds himself in standing before God, awaiting the worst torment imaginable. How have your words affected someone?