Broadway Church

Southaven, Mississippi

"Another fantastic year, we saw the Holy Spirit move in some incredible ways!"

Greenfield First Baptist Church

Greenfield, illinois

"We are once again blessed by the ministry of Judgement House! The theme we chose in January was affirmed by the Lord over and over. Just one week before our presentation a 15 year old girl in our small county died from an overdose. And many more occurrences in the surrounding area were reported. Such a relevant topic!

Our church continues to be renewed and revived each time we ALL come together to share the gospel through Judgement House!  We give ALL glory to God!"

unity baptist church

ashland, kentucky

"This year we saw several unchurched people and all came because they were somehow affected by the drug problem in our area. Even though they did not make decisions that night we have had several that we are following up with and we are reaching out to them. We actually had a group home for addiction come and bring several people to go through and they shared that they were only "clean" for a week or less. We also had teenagers come that have lost parents due to drug overdoses. Again a very powerful script and came in a timely manner for our area."

Ridgecrest baptist church

ozark, alabama

"During one night of presentations, one group had 26 people in it. That group had 11 Salvations and 6 rededications. God is definitely at work with Judgement House at Ridgecrest Baptist Church!"

Blooming grove baptist church

jasper, alabama

Morningside baptist church

bainbridge, georgia

"God blessed in so many ways. The Judgment House not only was the instrument God used to bring about many salvation and rededications but God used it to bring revival to our church."

First Baptist Church - Cameron

Cameron, missouri

"FBC last presented Judgement House over a decade ago. So, for many in our congregation, this was a new experience. We had 171 individuals involved in the production in some way. We had attendees from 40 different communities, representing 3 different states. It was an awesome experience. Though we are tired, God has been exalted and He allowed us to be a part of a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom."


Greenville, south carolina

"God blessed in so many ways. The Judgment House not only was the instrument God used to bring about many salvation and rededications but God used it to bring revival to our church."

First Baptist Loretto

Loretto, tennessee

"Praise the Lord"

Faith Baptist Church

Starkville, mississippi

"We thank God that we are able to present Judgement House to our community and surrounding area. Each year people pass through thanking us for continuing to "do Judgement House." We are blessed and honored to have this opportunity."

Freedom Baptist Church

Campbellsville, kentucky

"We watched a church come together for one common goal: to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This year, more than ever, we realized that all things work for good to those that love God and who are called according to His purpose!

We literally had main characters back out from helping two nights prior to starting. People jumped in and took their place without missing a beat. Night two, with the very first group, a woman leaned on a fake wall, fell, and in the process tore down half of the Heaven scene. As that group left to go to the counseling room the cast and crew jumped in and put everything back in a matter of moments and no one knew that anything had happened. On the final night, one of the angels in heaven passed out and EMS had to be called in. It would have been very easy for us to call it off after that but we still had an hour left and two groups in the building going through scenes. Instead, we held the groups up in two separate areas telling them we apologize but had an emergency in one of the scenes, allowed EMS workers to tend to our angel, and then finished up the final groups. There was someone in that final group that accepted Christ. We would have been justified by canceling the final two groups and they would have understood. However, that individual would not have come to Christ and he could have met his Maker on his way home that evening and been eternally separated from Him. Satan attacked every aspect of this ministry but through faith and perseverance we kept on and God blessed it with 30 salvations!!!"

Great Bend Church of the Nazarene

Great Bend, Kansas

Great Script. Judgement scene was powerful with mother who didn't make it to heaven just by being a good person.

Loris First Baptist Church

Loris, south carolina

Our first time of presenting Judgement House to our small community was a huge success! Not only did many people come to Christ from those who attended our presentation, we also had a revival break out amongst our members as they became very excited and unified to experience what is like when the "body of Christ" works together to present the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Even a week after JH was over at Loris FBC, we were still having Loris High School and Middle School youth making professions of faith in Christ due to conversations that involved what the "message" of JH was all about. Even many of the biggest "sceptics" amongst the "long time" members of Loris FBC, who originally believed what we were attempting to do would be a big waste of time and money, have since come to me and admitted they were wrong and have told me that the JH weekend was probably the greatest thing that has ever happened at Loris FBC. To God be the glory!!! 

NewSpring Church

wichita, kansas

"We had a great year!"

Lynwood Baptist Church

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"It has been an amazing year and an amazing 20 years putting the gospel out there. We are honored to be allowed to present JH every year because of the way it impacts those going through. God bless everyone involved and may all the praise and glory go to God!"

Transformation 517

clearwater, florida

"We did JH in the school where we worship on Sundays. Had to work around the school schedule...challenging but so worth it. Our people are so excited and already anticipating next year. Small churches CAN do Judgement House. We are a 2 year old church plant. God was so Faithful!!! 5 cast members Stepped from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of LIGHT!!! Glory to God!!!"

Richland Baptist Church

Richland, washington

"What a blessing to partner with other churches to present the gospel in a unique way and have so many folks in our community prayed with! God continues to bless and answer prayers and help us connect with other churches in the area who are prayerfully bringing friends and loved ones to hear and see the gospel! And we had another 38 people beyond those who made commitments to Christ that wanted to be prayed with for specific needs! A local FCA leader said again this year, "this is the most impactful thing we do with our students each year!" And they bused different groups of students 45 minutes each way for 4 of the nights to hear the gospel and had students receive Christ each of those nights! Praise the Lord and thank you for helping us partner together in the gospel through JH!"