Celebrate with these churches over all of the amazing things God did this year!

  • Script Used:  CROSSWALK

    Total Guests: 1091

    Salvations: 128

    Rededications: 119

    Victory Report:

    We had our first ever football team. They brought 28 players and coaches with 7 salvations and 11 rededications. We also had two young people who only spoke Spanish saved, showing us all that God provides a way for all to come to him regardless of language barrios. We have also heard several reports of seeds being planted and a harvest already occurring from people who have come through Judgement House this year. A few years ago, we added a bell to the exit tent and have an announcement and public declaration of salvation with the individuals ringing the bell. To hear the bell ring over and over again is amazing and reminds us all God is good all the time!

  • Script used:   59 MINUTES

    Total Guests:  575

    Salvations:  7

    Rededications:  6

    Requests for Prayer:  Lots of requests to be prayed with

    Victory Report:  The revival in our church was explosive. People are on fire for Judgement House now and keep coming up with ways to make it bigger and better next time. 

  • Script used:  DECISIONS ( This was a script the church wrote that was approved by Judgement House )

    Total Guests:  887

    Salvations:  43

    Rededications:  45

  • Script used:  WHY?

    Salvations:  10

  • Script Used:  COLLISION

    Total Guests:  511

    Salvations:  27

    Rededications:  57

    Requests for Prayer:  45

    Victory Report:  This was our FIRST Judgement House.  Calvary Church from Seminole, Fl  brought a team of 50 volunteers up as a Mission Trip in July to help us with our production.  

    It was an amazing BLENDING of two churches working hard to SERVE OUR LORD.  Many new friendships were made between churches.  

    Our church experienced REVIVAL as we saw MANY  people in our community come to know JESUS as their Lord and Savior.   

    Right after Judgement House we had a beautiful Sunday with 4 baptisms and more scheduled for the next week .  Many families were there on Sunday and they heard an amazing sermon!! 

  • Script Used:  OVERWHELMED

    Total Guests:  1265

    Salvations:  42

    Rededications:  69

    Victory Report:   This has been our highest attended Judgement House presentation to date. While we see a good number of individuals and groups who return year after year, it is also a blessing to see new faces. We continue to hear of decisions that are made and continued steps of faith as individuals leave the Judgement House presentation and return to their home church.

  • Script Used:  CROSSWALK

    Total Guests:  200

    Salvations:  4

    Rededications:  3

    Victory Report: 

    This was an amazing event in the life of our church. It was the first time they have ever done anything like this at a small, rural, church.  It brought our people together and was encouraging for our youth to be used and see people accept Christ.

  • Script Used:  VANISHED (Rapture)  This script was written by the church and approved by JH.

    Total Guests:  1450

    Salvations:  26

    Rededications:  30

    Cast members Saved:  3

    Nights presented:  6

    Victory Report:  

    Praising the Lord for 230+ volunteers and the sweet fellowship and spirit of expectation this drama nurtures in the body of Christ. 

    Praying God’s blessings on Pastor Tom & Karen Hudgins  & JH Ministries that many more churches will discover this incredible opportunity to present the gospel in a creative way.

  • Script Used:  CROSSWALK

    Total Guests:  295

    Salvations:  23

    Rededications:  27

    Cast members Saved:  1

    Nights presented:  2

    Victory Report: 

    We have been presenting Judgement House for many years. This is our most powerful outreach ministry.

  • Script:   59 MINUTES

    Total Guests:  497

    Salvations:  54

    Nights presented:   3

    Victory Report: 

    After two years of being shut down by COVID, the community was ready to experience Judgement House again. We also had several church groups from as much as two hours away bring their unsaved friends to the presentation. It was a great three nights and God blessed us with a unity of our team and 54 who indicated for the first time, that they made a decision to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus.

  • Script:   CROSSWALK

    Total Guests:  1204

    Salvations:  34

    Rededications:  50

    Nights presented:  3

    Victory Report:  

    It was great to see the Lord move in our community with Judgement House this year again. After 2 years of not having it, it seemed to pick up right where it left off from the past 15 years. We had 104 adult, 42 high school students, and 31 middle school students volunteer to serve. We give God all the glory for what He has done. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  • Script:   OVERDOSE

    Total Guests:  500

    Salvations:  5 - 10

    Nights presented:  1

    Victory Report:  

    Being our first year things started out tuff getting people to do the acting parts so we ended modifying the type of presentation from going to different rooms to being all on one stage performance. We actually did it outside at a trunk or treat. I believe this was a wonderful fit for our community as the people are not flooding our churches but we went into the community to where they are to present the reality of Hell and Heaven and most importantly the Gospel of Christ. We will be doing it again for sure. We don’t know exactly how many got saved as it got dark it was hard to see. We had two kids in our church saved even after the presentation. The church is already excited about next year.

  • Script:  OVERDOSE

    Total Guests:  1077

    Salvations:  111

    Rededications:  187

    Nights presented:  4

    Victory Report:  

    Praising God for the lives that have been forever changed through the ministry of Judgement House.   Encouraged by the 100+ volunteers that participated in our Judgement House and have made this outreach a reality.   Praying for follow-up, as we help folks that made a decision to take the next step in their walk with the Lord.   Thank you Jesus and thank you Judgement House for the opportunity we have to share the mercy and grace our Lord on this side of eternity!

  • Script:   59 MINUTES

    Total Guests:  183

    Salvations:  3

    Rededications:  6

    Nights presented:  3

    Victory Report:   What a Great Blessing!  

  • Script:  MASQUERADE

    Total Guests:  1500

    Salvations & Rededications:  100

    Nights presented;  6

    Victory Report: 

    "We have had many many blessings from God this year.   Perhaps one of the biggest blessings was a special Gospel drama presentation called Judgement House we  did the first two weekends in October.  The  turnout was really amazing... 1500 people with over 100 people rededicating their lives to the Lord or turning to Christ for the first time.   As a Pastor to see many people (over 365)  participate in bringing this wonderful event to the community was to see what the church is all about."    Pastor Vitaliy Bak   

    Copy and paste the URL below to view the promo video that Bethany Slavic Baptist Church made for their Judgement House presentation.      The JH Leadership team


  • Script:  CROSSWALK

    Total Guests:  190

    Salvations:  42

    Rededications:  35

    Nights presented:  3

    Years Presenting JH = 1st year! 

    Victory Report:  

    Hallelujah! We have news to report! First, let me say that I am the First Lady of our church and my name is Jolyn Smith. First off we are not a big church and my husband and I have only been the Pastors of this small church but with a huge vision for only 8 months. The congregation was only like 12-15 people but God is on the move and we have grown to about 65 regularly. We came up from Texas where we had seen Judgement house about 5 times in the city of Grand Prairie and we thought...hmmm hey, let's do Judgement house up here. 

    We knew it was going to be a lot of work and take a lot of money, donations, work, volunteers, money, work, did I say money and lots of work, and much needed volunteers... haha! Well, some didn't want to do it because of the work, the people had never done something like this before... the finances were not there. I mean they don't pay us a salary because the church was so small and they only give us a housing allowance.  Thank God we have our Insurance business and God always supplies our daily needs. Amen But, my husband and I were still like we have to do this for this area to reach out to our community. 

    We are all about outreach it is in our DNA. So, my husband purchased the script of Crosswalk and said we are doing it! BUT GOD!! WE have supernatural faith in a big God who will supply ALL of our needs and who is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance! Amen. We had to Walk by Faith and not by sight! The people would have to follow their leaders/shepherds and grow their faith because we were doing this in Jesus name not for ourselves but for souls for Christ Amen!! Well............ here you go....

    For this being our first time ever doing this and the FIRST ONE EVER IN THE STATE OF COLORADO, I believe it was fantastic!! People have n ever scene this before .... now they had seen Heavens Gates Hells flames like in the late 90's but that was a long long time ago right?? Anyway this was a lot of work but we know it would be all worth it for souls won for Jesus so we quickly began practices in mid-August and only held Crosswalk for 3 consecutive days....a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We have seen God through all of these months in the preparation process. We also saw the enemy work because he didn't want this to go on.   BUT God and prayer go hand in hand and God moved. 

    We had cast members back out in major parts  like 2 weeks before the event BUT GOD made a way and it continued.... we  saw God provide the finances on a  3 day basis... people donated thousands of dollars to make this a success and we are not a big church. But when we told the church what we were doing and what it was about and what we needed.... we had people pledge and in one day we had over $3,000. 00!!

    Amen and after that week after week people were paying their pledges and people would come and drop off donations to the church, many people who didn't even go to our church.  We also do alot of community outreach and pray for our community on facebook and people know about our church and the word got out about what we  were were doing and God touched peoples hearts to just give from their hearts. It was such a blessing to see God move over every area of the needs of putting Judgement house on. 

    Cast members would ask what do we need how can I help what do we need from Amazon.... I can sew I will make the head pieces, I can make the shawls for heaven.... or I can purchase a tent. I forgot to mention our church isn't very big so we had to improvise and it was Colorado and it usually snows in October sooooo Plan B, C, D lol had to be thought of in advance. 

    The only scenes we had inside were the Judgement in the sanctuary and the hell scene down in the basement! Since we had limited volunteers and space we asked a few other churches to help but sadly they said they were going to do their own thing.... but GOD... he had in mind what we needed and gave us a idea to PRERECORD the First scene to free up people to be in other scenes. So, in a tent in front of the church we played the first scene on a screen with a computer. The 2nd scene was a wreck on the side of the building, the 3rd scene was in the back of the sanctuary squared off by tarp curtains... 4th scene in the front of the sanctuary and 5th scene downstairs in hell and the 6th scene Heaven was outside the back of the building in the parking lot in an Army Military tent and the Invitation was also in a Heated Tent with our Pastor and a prayer tent next door with an propane heater and we also gave out Bibles we received from the Gideons as well and a flyer with our church information to come back and visit the church. Amen We also had propane heaters in the front of the church with tables n chairs and a concession stand of hot chocolate and hot apple cider, cookies, burritos, chips, hot dogs and candy. 

    And we had been PRAYING  for months and throughout the weeks Jesus, no wind, just cool 50's and 60's weather and no snow, rain or sleet.... and even though people said its going to snow...I would say No No it's not I believe God hears my prayers and our prayers and it will just be cool for hot chocolate and we will not have wind... God is in control and God wants us to do this...he will make a way... and he sure did it was perfect weather with exactly what we prayed for hallelujah!! 

    We give God praise for the I believe 42 people who gave their hearts for the first time and for the 35 who rededicated their hearts to the Lord and even for those who were undecided and we declare in Jesus name they will soon come to our church and declare they need Jesus and the Holy Spirit will draw them to the altar to be delivered and set free in Jesus name Amen

    We placed our drama on facebook and pray the people think about the life and what they need to do to be ready to die because tomorrow is not promised to no one. 

    We praise God for the ministry of Judgement house and believe it needs to continue on til Jesus comes back. Amen

    I know I said a lot probably too much but we were so excited About what God did and what HE  is doing and how our God showed up and showed off and we give Him ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE AND ESPECIALLY FOR WHAT HE IS DOING RIGHT NOW EVEN BEHIND THE SCENES! AMEN!!!!      GOD BLESS THE MINISTRY OF JUDGEMENT HOUSE!!

  • Script:  59 MINUTES

    Total Guests:  1322

    Salvations:  124

    Rededications:  87

    Nights presented:  4

    Years doing Judgement House:  3

    Victory Report:  

    We baptized 15 this morning and 19 more will be baptized tonight!!  We are already planning next year's outreach!  God is Good!  

  • Script:  WHY?

    Total Guests:  501

    Salvations: 19

    Nights presented: 4

  • Script:  OVERWHELMED (written by the church and approved by JH leadership) 

    Total Guests:  1446

    Salvations:  188

    Rededications:  55

    Nights presented:  10

    Years doing Judgement House:  19

    Victory Report:

    This was an awesome year of firsts for us! It was the first time that the Lord inspired us to write our own script AND to present Judgement House in the Spring and the Fall. While it required double the work, it brought double the blessings! One guest that attended in the Spring shared that she has been through every production since we started in 2002, and she said that this year's production was her most favorite. She enjoyed the new twists along the way, such as meeting Mary Magdalene and experiencing a new side of Satan. We thank and praise God for allowing us to continue serving Him through this ministry! There's nothing better than witnessing lost souls being saved, wayward Christians returning to their First Love, and faithful Christians being inspired to continue serving the Lord!

  • Script: CROSSROADS

    Total Guests: 1177

    Salvations: 45

    Rededications: 20

    Cast members saved:  1

    Nights presented: 6

    Years doing Judgement House: 13 yrs.

    Victory Report: 

    We had one mother who came through that had lost a 3 year old son to a drowning accident. She said our Heaven scene gave her peace knowing that he was in a beautiful place by Jesus' side.

    We had a young man that came with one church group that was saved and came yelling in the gym that he had just made the best decision in his life.

    Even this week, almost 3 months later, I was told a 5th grader who was being baptized at a local church had been asking questions since attending our Judgement House. This is a testimony to the many seeds planted that we continue to pray for today.

    We had many who spoke to counselors the night they came through who asked to be prayed with and for. These were not counted in our numbers. Judgement House is a blessing to our church family. It brings us closer together and is a wonderful tool to witness to those

    who need to hear about Christ. We continue to pray for the seeds planted.

  • Script:   CROSSWALK

    Total Guests:  1500

    Salvations:  105

    Rededications:  486

    Cast members saved: 1

    Nights presented: 5

    Years doing Judgment House:  5

    Victory Report: 

    We really enjoyed this script. It touched so many.