What is the average cost to produce a Judgement House presentation?

A first year quality presentation can cost $3,500 - $4,000. Items you acquire the first year can be reused to reduce the cost in future years. Some ministries spend up to $15,000, but it all depends on your church budget. At our required training conferences, we will show you ways to cut costs and even generate income through your presentation.

We are a small church or ministry. Can we still produce a quality Judgement House presentation?

Yes. First, you can partner with other churches or ministries in your area and share the cost of the production. Second, we can send a mission team to assist you by supplementing your cast and crew. Third, our mobile ministry can provide props and sets as well as supplemental cast and crew in order to support your presentation.

How much preparation time is involved?

A minimum of 10 - 12 weeks is required to prepare for your first presentation. However, planning should begin 6 months out as you need to assemble the leadership team. 

How many rooms are required for the presentation?

Approximately 10. You will need 8 - 9 rooms (depending on the script) for the actual drama. One large room (like a Fellowship Hall or Gym) for registration. Another quiet room for the invitation and for one-on-one "encouragers" to sit down and speak individually with those who have made important decisions about their spiritual lives.

How many people are required to produce a Judgement House presentation?

A minimum of 50 people are required to produce a Judgement House presentation. Some scripts will require more than this but we encourage you to invite other churches and organizations to join with you in filling the roles required to produce a quality presentation.

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Are we required to be trained?

Yes, we require that all of our Covenant Partners be trained by one of our National Trainers prior to producing a Judgement House presentation for the first time. In addition to teaching presentation tips, we will also discuss important safety and legal issues. Training conferences will utilize scene-by-scene video of an actual presentation. In exchange for our National Trainer's valuable service, your church will be responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses.

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Is Judgement House just for Halloween?

Not at all! While Judgement House was originally designed as a Christian alternative to Halloween, we have found that the concept works equally well any time of the year. Generally, there is a Judgement House presentation produced every month of the year by one of our Covenant Partners in the United States or abroad.

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Do you have to be a certain denomination to become a Covenant Partner?

No, we are a non-denominational ministry. However, any ministry in question must possess a heart for evangelism, agree to abide by the terms laid out in the Covenant Partner agreement, and share our biblical values. If these criterions are met any ministry is welcome to produce a Judgement House presentation.

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